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A Beacon of Hope

When Life Presents Challenges

Our Mission

To provide clients with shelter from the storms around life transitions, and to guide clients into safe and satisfying care situations later in life.

We offer elder law and estate planning services for clients both young and not-so-young. Through this work we build relationships with different generations from the same family.

Throughout this process, we strive to become a trusted adviser and ally, and we feel privileged to work with families as they cope with issues that arise later in life. We work with clients to create asset protection plans, draft wills and trusts, administer estates after the death of a loved one, set up guardianships and conservatorships, apply for MassHealth coverage, and litigate probate matters. Please take a look at our approach to each of these practice areas and call us to arrange a meeting to discuss your legal needs.

Practice Areas

North Shore Elder Law & Estate Planning can help you find your way through the complicated legal process behind each of our practice areas. Let us be your guide.

As an elder law attorney I specialize in assisting seniors with the unique challenges facing them. My elder law practice encompasses the range of services people need to plan for their senior years and to navigate through that time in life. My services can take you from basic estate planning, to navigating the complexities of MassHealth (Medicaid) regulations, to asset protection planning – which focuses on preserving clients’ assets from their long-term care costs.

At North Shore Elder Law & Estate Planning your estate plan is focused on carrying out your wishes. I understand the importance of protecting your assets and making sure that your loved ones and legal affairs are taken care of when it matters most. I create, prepare and implement estate plans of varying complexity depending on your needs. Whether your goal is to minimize estate taxes, protect your hard-earned assets from potential long-term care costs, or to simply pass on as large an inheritance to your children as possible, I will design a plan to meet your goals.

When a loved one dies it is comforting to know that you have a caring expert on your side to help you navigate the legal and logistical challenges involved in this life transition. I work alongside my clients to gather together the assets of the estate and use them to pay outstanding debts, including taxes, as well as to distribute the assets according to their loved one’s wishes. I work with insurance companies, banks and other financial advisors to coordinate the receipt and distribution of assets.

There may come a time when you have a loved one who is no longer able to handle his or her personal care or financial affairs. In that situation a guardian or conservator can be appointed to help. Guardianships and conservatorship are legal relationships created by a Probate Court judge who gives one person (the guardian or conservator) the power to make decisions for another who is incapacitated.

When a loved one dies those left behind expect the will of the deceased to express his or her final wishes regarding the distribution of assets. Unfortunately sometimes the will is unclear or those wishes are contested by family members or others such as creditors, beneficiaries, the IRS, or people who expected an inheritance or gift. This is when you need an attorney to help you with the litigation process in probate court. Probate litigation involves wills, trusts, guardianships and conservatorships. The probate court may determine the assets of the deceased and specify how taxes and debts will be paid and provide for the distribution of assets among the heirs.

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Broaching the Idea of Moving to a Senior Living Facility

Respect the Ones You Love

Court Rules MassHealth Notices Must Be More Specific

The service, knowledge, and caring were without equal. I would return for future work and would recommend North Shore Elder Law & Estate Planning without reservation. In addition to the knowledge, the level of care was always evident as Mike went several times to the nursing home to meet with my sister to confirm an understanding of the documents and allow her to sign the docs. J.B., Somerville, MA

Let’s work together to achieve your elder law & estate planning goals.